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Amsterdam, May 6, 2020

Subject: The Corona virus and our services.

Dear Sir / Madam,

The coronavirus affects us all! The measures that the government has taken to reduce the number of infections necessitate us to take measures. On March 16, 2020 we informed you, both by mail and by information on our website, about our approach and measures aimed at preventing the spread of the Corona virus. When taking measures, the health and safety of you and our employees comes first. We therefore follow the advice and guidelines of RIVM and the GGD. Depending on the situation and any new measures that the Government is taking, we may have to take additional measures.

We have limited the occupation of our office for health reasons and our colleagues work from home. We use the normal office hours. We do ask you to contact us by email as much as possible ( or

If you have a repair request or a request regarding your rental, we will endeavor to contact you within 5 working days. However, given the reduced occupancy of our office, we have made a distinction between urgent and less urgent repair requests and rent-related questions. If you have an urgent request, we are ready for you and we will do everything we can to resolve the undesirable situation as quickly as possible. Urgent maintenance requests are in any case (not exhaustive):

✓ Problems with heating / hot water, where you no longer have hot water or the heating does not work;
✓ Severe leaks;
✓ Electrical faults, not being minor faults with regard to fuses and/ or plugs;
✓ Serious blockages that do not tolerate delay;
✓ Fire risk situations;
✓ If you cannot close your home (for example, due to burglary or glass damage);
✓ Severe mold formation;
✓ Failure of kitchen appliances such as hob and fridge;
✓ Elevator failure.

Due to the limited occupancy of our office, we will postpone handling the following non-urgent rental-related questions until May 20, 2020 at least (note: this date can be extended by the Government. We will then use the new date. You will not be informed separately about this):

  • Requests for contractual name changes;
  • Requests for receipt of landlord statements;
  • Requests to handle nuisance cases;
  • Requests/ questions regarding service charges;
  • All other requests regarding non-urgent matters.

Also for non-urgent maintenance-related requests, we will postpone these until at least May 20th. Several tenants have approached us with the request whether they can engage companies themselves to have repairs carried out and to invoice us. Unfortunately, we cannot comply with that request because we lose control regarding; quality, uniformity and pricing. From an administrative technical point of view, this is currently also impracticable for us. We ask for your understanding and patience for this.

In all cases, if there is a repair or an inspection of the house you have rented, extra safety measures will apply at the time the work is carried out. This may mean that for the sake of your health and that of the broker or repairer you are waiting outside or in another room. Finally, we politely ask that when a repair or inspection appointment is scheduled with you, to contact the repairer or broker in advance if you have symptoms of the virus, such as fever, cold, sore throat, sneezing.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding for the measures we take in this special situation until at least May 20th.

General contact information for all other questions, please contact us by email: or you can call 020-235 8812.

Kind regards,
CANLiving B.V.