Welcome to CANLiving.  Welcome to your new home.

CANLiving is excited to welcome you into our properties in the Netherlands.  Through its ownership by CAPREIT, we have over 20 years of experience in managing multi-family residential real estate.  As property manager for CAPREIT’s new acquired building portfolio in the Netherlands, CANLiving manages 3,966 residential apartment suites and townhomes in 84 properties in the Netherlands. Our properties are located across the Netherlands, including major centers like Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, and smaller centers including Cuijk, Enschede, Gouda, Heerenveen, Huizen, Ijsselstein, Koog aan de Zaan, Meppel, Oldenzaal, Scherpenzeel and Warnsveld.

Offering You More

Our goal is always to offer the best quality apartment rentals in the market.  As we onboard CAPREIT’s portfolio in the Netherlands, we are evaluating each property and working toward making them the best quality properties, consistent with our focus on service, upgrades and superior resident experiences.  We will work with our residents to invest in the necessary projects to enhance the value and enjoyment of their community.

Professional Management Team

CANLiving is focused on investing in a local management team offering dedicated, professional services in a uniquely proactive way.  It is important to us that our valued residents can reach a CANLiving representative locally.  Our head office is based in Amsterdam and we offer mobile, local representatives at the buildings we manage.

Respect for our Residents

The reason for CANLiving’s success is simple: the needs of our residents are central to our operation and influence everything we do. We not only work with our residents to provide a home, but we work to create a comfortable residential community in which to live and thrive.

We look forward to you living in a suite in the growing number of apartment buildings we manage!

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